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by Cold Water

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Red Cloud 05:08
RED CLOUD I heard tell of songs of desire to be wrapped up in blankets and danced around Give way to the animal pull the scratch of something wolven and the wool around my neck How the stag of seven fights with shining silver wreckles was dancing on the cusp I feel the heat of flames on my open palms rising from the crack in the grass High above red cloud covers the sky, but the light gets in the way of it What fight is in the man with no fight to win what gamble have I to give The kin of idle craw so thankful shame is not a deadly sin How the stag of seven fights with shining silver wreckles was dancing on the cusp Rolling Black Thunder or Red Cloud hanging over Hole up for the winter for the ever-ending summer I am the stubborn burr I am the groundswell of bowing aster waves I am the flaming fire of a pallet fire I am an eclipse darkening
SAINT’S CHAIN When I was just a kid I believed I wouldn't break for I could bear the weight & wade into the lake little ripples arc out from my heaving chest The strength up in my fist outweighed the frailness of a weak and sullen breast I found a place to match the lone thought & the ice around my bones Hold me like a kid laid in back seats and tucked me in It's a long drive It's a whole life of spinning scenery through windows I could hardly breathe under the warmth from the blanket heat I would lay awake from troubled dreams staring up at the rafters where my saint's chain hangs If I could reflect the fires heat eminating out from a frozen beach Sing a song for the red -wood & the surrounding town like every other soul, alone A Holy one where a place for my voice can nestle in Keep in mind we weren't a lost cause to be watched and guardianed on or so I thought What a well it was and breathless need I was running down the hill in bare feet then felt the rush of the river course & pour over me Hold tight to the rail & hang tight to the link of the saint's chain
LOW EVERLASTING To be born with the thorn of the flesh to a nature of degenerate life to unknow the warmth of progeny touch against ironed hair and whitening balms To be a falling sparrow so for I to dive for that reverent life you be the lover, and I'll be the runner that I know how to run It's like we cast lots the way we cross our wild hearts We are the last of a hundred years Because God is love so to sing that joyful noise & count it all joy, alone To be born with a thorn of the flesh to want gold out of thistle They want The Biggest Lie but I prefer Green Eyes Place hands upon my chest No thorn on the low everlasting stem
PLOVER’S DREAM My friend said take a fire and run with it and so I did. The TV dared me to beat the train, and so I did The plover might get this far before it gets to cold Buttoned up to the throat I'm walking home I remembered to write a death poem for the day It said: He who waves banners is like the slow lap of Sylvan lake waves One of us was born with a temper I'll let you guess which one Fuck you and your diamond smile I'm walking home Lay down your head dream of dirt bikes & stars overhead Close your sunken eyes dream of poems & stars overhead
New Country 03:29
NEW COUNTRY I'm certain time runs its own path Under the madness of satellite crashes Where the country’s made new under your feet Where the living earth & frozen ground heaves I would be no prisoner I would toss no coin Where Terry lay down on the Trans Can road Where the charging deer jostles in throes Today I will uphold you with my prayers Tomorrow, I'll commit some righteous crime The earth cries for water & the mountains beg peace for the people The topsoil blows to the wind & the country’s made new under your feet
Goosefoot 04:36
GOOSEFOOT The boys pad through the goosefoot the smell of sweet cress on your hands break the stem from running on the summits of grasses careen kick the seedling to the air Sharp toothed wonder deep in anger rage dance in the clear wind All this mild aggression may it never end Fear the sting of burning sage & smoke of bitter barks, come whistling "nothing more under the sun" Sharp toothed wonder deep in anger rage lift with youth & speed The earth is a provider for nettles in the winds & grass stains on your knees A little wisp that waves against them the seed of wing & stone And underneath a singing vesper becomes so hard to hold
LETHAL WHITE HORSE The lights from city towers an arrow aimed o'er the waters reflecting sparkling shadows of the landscape of waste Who waves out the windows who stacks drift from the shore Who, when we sleep, will carry us We'd hold out for ceasefires we'd wear diamonds in the woods if we believed these pastures of plenty were still free Count all the blessings I've got plans to see the ocean I've got plans to sing about love someday past the horizon beyond the horizon past where the border is supposed to be Roll the fiery papers to cliffs, head smashed-in raise weight against my brawn We'd heal every calloused hand we'd drink from pure river if we believed these pastures of plenty were still free past the horizon beyond the horizon past where the border is supposed to be So the ride of a lethal white horse shout brave words to my back The death I'm racing won't ever quell my temper so pray me a prayer that I don't falter Is it blissful to know the time? Was it glorious to run down the day?
I am the kneeling flowereater You are the bright heat of a star looking on my face You are a light of divergent lines I am the song, sang from a place of quaking anger You are the prayer that never ends I am the kaddish that's whispered in the quiet hour I am the scent of scattering ash You are the wrist grasped tight in the unbroken circle I am the child of awing born with weak eyes You are the thing built of tougher stuff I walk under your wing, but I am unprepared You are the name that names itself
LIGHTNING CHASER You fight me, fight me on the hill lift my shirt so you can strike me in the tummy My fear is not greater than my gall I got five pennies, and white knuckles on the pew I choose the memory of fire over the scent of flowers I want that acolytal beckon Stagger me, lightning chaser stark view & falling hammer Dear one, I've got a pocket of forgiveness where there was little before my ear turned to cotton where I brimmed full of fight, again & again I've shot more guns than these rapper kids claim I'm on fire with the electricity of holy water stagger me, lightning chaser stark view & renegade ease


released May 16, 2015


all rights reserved



Cold Water Calgary, Alberta

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